We provide career advise for seafarers and non-seafarers for their professional journeys in the maritime industry.Reach out to us today!!


We provide growth possibilities for candidates and also provide suitable candidates with potential to organizations for their growth.


We provide holistic HR solutions for small to medium size organizations so that they can concentrate on their core business.


We provide our services with high efficiency to ensure organizations are able ot manage their HR functions effectively.

Our Services


Professional Agency

We at perform our functions at very high level of dedication and commitment.We understand that every business is different and the requirements change accordingly.We do not believe in "one size fits all" and belive in "Seek first to understand".we believe in going the extra mile for complete customer satisfaction which is our primary goal in all interactions.


Services and Management

We at understand that we cannot be a know all ,however our clients require all services under one roof.understanding this need,we have in due course developed strategic partnerships to provide seemless experience to our clients.We cover all ambits of the HR functions under one roof to reduce the admistration activities of our clients in managing various vendors


Planning & Strategy

We at start our relation with clients by having a series of discussions to understand their requirements.Clients approach us with a specific challenge ,which some times is connected with other aspects of their business and hence we focus on understanding their operations and develop a customised strategy which is then presented to the client.